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Every Season

By: Canyon Hills Worship

V1- Bb Gm F You give and you take Bb/D Eb (but) You stay the same Eb F You are so, so good Bb Gm F In seasons of plenty Bb/D Eb In seasons of pain Eb F You are so, so good CH- Bb F Father, You have been so faithful Bb/D Constant, and so stable Eb I will trust Your hand In every season Bb F You have never made a promise Bb/D You will not accomplish Eb (so) I will trust your hand In every season V2- When my heart at peace And my soul is at rest You are so, so good When I walk through the valley And I can’t see the end You are still so good INST: Bb F Gm Eb Bridge: Bb There’s A heavenly storehouse Bb Of favor and love Bb And it never runs out Bb It goes on and on and on Bb Gm F In want and in plenty Bb/D Eb I have all I need Bb/D Eb No matter the season God F Eb Bring a harvest out of me
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Songwriters: Brandon Coker, Koby Orr, Michael Monroe

CCLI#: -

Recommended Key: C

Tempo/BPM: 102

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