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It’s Finally Christmas

By: Casting Crowns

VERSE F C/E Lights are twinkling down the block Gm Bb Far as the eye can see F C/E And Daddy’s on a mission, Gm Bb He’s got to find the perfect tree F C/E The smell of cookies baking, Gm Bb That can only mean one thing Dm C Bb F That it’s finally Christmas VERSE F C/E We dust off that old record Gm Bb And sing along with Nat King Cole F C/E Grandpa falls asleep Gm Bb While Grandma tells of days of old F C/E All the crazy family’s come to town and Gm Bb They’re knocking at the door Dm C Bb F Dm C Bb F ‘Cause it’s finally Christmas, It’s finally Christmas CHORUS C Dm Bb We’ve been waiting for it all year long C Bb F We feel it in the air and we hear it in the songs C Dm Bb There is peace on earth and no place like home Dm C F/A Bb It’s what the world’s been missing Dm C Bb F It’s finally Christmas VERSE F C/E Yeah out in Colorado Gm Bb They’re watching snowflakes fall F C/E There ain’t no snow in Georgia, Gm Bb But there’s an ice rink by the mall F C/E No matter where you come from, Gm Bb If you’ve got love you’ve got it all Dm C Bb F And it’s finally Christmas VERSE F C/E Daddy breaks out the Bible Gm Bb And brings it all back home F C/E We gather to remember Gm Bb The greatest story ever told F C/E How a Father sent His only Son Gm Bb To be our only hope Dm C F/A Bb What the world’s been missing Dm C F/A Bb That Jesus is the reason Dm C Bb F It’s finally Christmas Chords and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Mark Hall, Matthew West

CCLI#: 7101016

Recommended Key: F

Tempo/BPM: 95