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Loving My Jesus

By: Casting Crowns

VERSE B I was a wandering soul D#m Travelling a well worn road E Esus E A sinner so far from home B F# No second chance in sight G#m I heard you call my name D#m I felt you lift my shame E Esus E And I made a vow that day B F# That I’d spend the rest of my life CHORUS E B Loving my Jesus, Showing my scars G#m Telling my story of how mercy F# Can reach you where you are E G#m I pray the whole world hears the cry of my heart C#m B/D# E B Is to see all the ones I love loving my Jesus VERSE B Sin tries to make you hide D#m Whispers that same old lie E Esus E Keep all your pain inside B F# ‘Cause no one will understand G#m The last thing this lost world needs D#m Is someone I’m trying to be E Esus E The truth that has set me free B F# Is that I’m just a broken man Chords and Lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Mark Hall, Matthew West

CCLI#: 7067571

Recommended Key: B

Tempo/BPM: 158