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The Very Next Thing

By: Casting Crowns

VERSE F# I spend all my time Dreaming what the future’s gonna bring D#m And all of this time There’s a world passing by right in front of me C# B Set my sights on tomorrow while I’m tripping over today F# Who says big things are off in the distance D#m I don’t wanna look back Just to see all the times that I missed it C# I wanna be here and now B Starting right here right now CHORUS F# We’re the very next words of love to be spoken D#m To the very next heart shattered and broken C# B To the very next way you’re gonna use me F# Show me the next thing D#m B I’ll do the next thing VERSE F# From my very next breath Breath out a song of praise to you D#m Let my very next step Be on the road that was planned by you C# Lord, wherever you’re leading me B That’s where I want to be BRIDGE F# Eyes wide open, I see you working All around me you’re on the move Step by step I’m running to meet you In the next thing, in the next thing Chords and Lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Bernie Herms, Matthew West, Mark Hall

CCLI#: 7067575

Recommended Key: Gb

Tempo/BPM: 151