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Somewhere In Your Silent Night

By: Casting Crowns

        E       F#m     C#m	
All is calm and all is bright
     E         F#m             C#m	
Everywhere but in your heart tonight
                  A               C#m
They’re singing carols of joy and peace
              B                               A
But you feel too far gone and too far out of reach

    E     A/C#            E/B    B
Somewhere in your silent night
                   E        A/C#             E/B    
Heaven hears the song your broken heart has cried
 B                  C#m        A
Hope is here, just lift your head
              E/G#   B/D# 
For love has come to find you
   C#m     A                E
Somewhere in your silent night

                E        F#m   C#m	
From heaven’s height to manger low
               E                    F#m       C#m	
There is no distance the Prince of Peace won’t go
             A               C#m
From manger low to Calvary’s hill
           B                                     A
When your pain runs deep, His love runs deeper still
He has always loved you, child
And He always will

           B               C#m
Lift your head, Lift your heart
    A                             E
Emmanuel will meet you where you are
               B                   C#m
He knows your hurt, He knows your name
      A                            F#m
And you’re the very reason that He came

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Songwriters: Mark Hall, Bernie Herms, Matthew West

CCLI#: 7101254

Recommended Key: E

Tempo/BPM: 122