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By: Chris McClarney

INTRO | Dm | Bb | F | C | VERSE 1 Dm Bb F There must be more - Beyond familiar shores C Into waters unexplored Dm Bb F This one desire - Stirring here in me C Deep is calling out to deep CHORUS Dm Bb F Take me from where I’ve been - Into something new C I’m giving up control - I need a breakthrough Dm Bb F All of my dreams and fears - Are crashing into You C You’re waking up my hope - You are my breakthrough INSTRUMENTAL | Dm | Bb | F | C | VERSE 2 Dm Bb F Your love, so wild - Conquers my defenses C Opens the impossible Dm Bb F It’s so amazing - How you take the ashes C And turn them into beautiful CHORUS BRIDGE |4X| Dm You’re making all things new Bb You’re making all things new F It’s what You always do C You are my breakthrough CHORUS Chords and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Chris McClarney, Lindsey Sweat, Jeff Pardo

CCLI#: 7095662

Recommended Key: F

Tempo/BPM: 170