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Sing Along

By: Christy Nockels

VERSE 1 Eb Bb/D From babies hidden in the shadows Cm Bb To the cities shining bright Ab Eb/G There are captives weeping Fsus F Far from sight Eb Bb/D For every doorway has a story Cm Bb And some are holding back the cries Ab Eb/G Fsus F But there is One who hears us in the night CHORUS Eb Bb Great God Cm Ab Eb Bb Wrap Your arms around this world tonight Cm Ab Around the world tonight Eb Bb And when You hear our cries Cm Ab Sing through the night Eb Bb So we can join in Your song Cm Ab And sing along Cm Ab Eb We'll sing along VERSE 2 Eb Bb/D From the farthest corners of the earth Cm Bb Still His mercy reaches Ab Eb/G Fsus F Even to the pain we cannot see Eb Bb/D And even through the darkness Cm Bb There's a promise that will keep us Ab Eb/G Fsus F There is One who came to set us free BRIDGE Cm Ab So let Your song rise Eb Bb And fill up the earth Cm Ab Let Your hope ring out Eb Bb Let Your heart be heard Chords and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Christa Black Gifford, Christy Nockels, Jason Ingram, Jesse Reeves, Nathan Nockels

CCLI#: 6223632

Recommended Key: C

Tempo/BPM: 70