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Meant To Be


VERSE 1 Gm What do I gain if I win the whole world C But wake up to find that I’ve lost my soul F I thought I’d find myself Eb Dm But something was missing, It's not what I wanted VERSE 2 Gm I didn't have to look high or look low C Your love met me when I began to let go F You showed me a new way Eb Dm Where nothing is missing, You're all I wanted CHORUS Gm You stepped right into my story C F And showed me there’s a better meaning Eb Dm I’m living, living Gm You changed my life for you glory C F I’ve decided I don’t want to fit in Eb Dm I’m living, living now VERSE 3 Gm Some say I’m crazy for giving it all C But I’m gonna love You with all of my heart F I don’t want it any other way Eb It's more than a feeling Dm And You are the real, real thing CHORUS BRIDGE X2 Gm This is how it’s meant to be, meant to be C Knowing You is knowing me, knowing me F What You want I want Dm My life is Yours CHORUS INTRUMENTAL DOWN BRIDGE
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Songwriters: Davide Mutendji, Joshua Holiday, Tiffany Hudson

CCLI#: 7160066

Recommended Key: F

Tempo/BPM: 129