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INTRO C / G / | Dm / F / | (2X) VERSE 1 C G When I was just a kid Dm F C G I dreamed about the life I’d live Dm F C G Buy fancy cars and a new crib Dm F C G And cruise around with all my friends, all my Dm F friends C G But I been waking up Dm F C G And realizing all those things Dm F C G Look so much different through a screen Dm F C G That type of life ain’t what it seems Dm F Isn't what it seems PRE-CHORUS C G Dm F The designer bags are not all bad C G Dm F But I’ll never find my worth in that CHORUS C Dm I F Don’t need C Dm F A bunch of money, clothes and diamond rings C Dm To be F Happy C Dm Cause all the best things in life are free F F So give me the simple things INSTRUMENTAL C / G / | Dm / F / | (2X) VERSE 2 C G People might say Dm F C G There's a game you gotta play Dm F C G Just play along and you’ll get paid Dm F C G Dm F But I refuse to be a slave, to be a slave G I’m just gonna be me Dm F C G Love all the weird things on my skin Dm F C G My crooked smile my lazy grin Dm F C G I’m throwing caution to the wind Dm F To the wind PRE-CHORUS 2 C G Dm F Cause what's popular don’t always last C G Dm F I’m okay with being the outcast CHORUS (2X)
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Songwriters: Chelsea Plank, Davide Mutendji, Joe L Barnes, Joshua Holiday

CCLI#: 7175274

Recommended Key: C

Tempo/BPM: 103