VERSE C We need no other hiding place Am Our hope is safe within your name F This we know, This we know C You promised never to forsake Am What you began you will sustain F This we know, This we know CHORUS 
C G F I will call upon the Lord Am C F For he alone is strong enough to save C F F Rise your shackles are no more Am C F For Jesus Christ has broken every chain VERSE 
 C All of the heavens and the earth Am Announce the fullness of your worth F This we know
, This we know C And every enemy will flee Am As we declare your victory F This we know
, This we know BRIDGE Am F C Jesus Name will break every stronghold C/E F Gsus G Freedom is ours when we call His name Am F C Jesus name above every other C/E F Gsus G All hail the power of Jesus name Chords and lyrics provided by
Recommended Key
Fast / 161
SongwritersChris Brown, Steven Furtick