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For A Moment

By: Elevation Worship

VERSE Db Ab Gb Peace be still you are with me 
Ebm Bbm Ab In this hope I abide 
 Db Ab Gb Jesus be my sustainer Ebm Bbm Ab Strengthen me in this trial CHORUS Db Ab Bbm Gb And I know it's only for a moment Ebm Bbm Absus Ab And everything is working for your glory Db Ab Bbm Gb But I need Your perfect love to hold me 
Ebm Bbm Safe within your promise Absus Ab Db Till the storm has passed VERSE Db Ab Gb When this burden is lifted Ebm Bbm Ab I'll give thanks to your name 
Db Ab Gb But until it is finished 
 Ebm Bbm Ab I'll give praise just the same BRIDGE Gb/Bb For we have this hope Gb As an anchor for our soul Absus You are with us Ab We will never be alone Chords and Lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Steven Furtick, Mack Brock

CCLI#: 7051504

Recommended Key: Db

Tempo/BPM: 75