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I Can’t Believe

By: Elevation Worship

Bbm         Ab         Db
In the fall you were there

        Gb                 Ab
Grace began before I was aware

Bbm                   Ab     Db
A shame too great for me to hide 

         Gb                    Ab
Covered now because of Jesus Christ 

Db        Bbm    Ab
I can't believe

The price you paid for me 
What you did not owe 

So that I could know you 
Db        Bbm     Ab
How can it be

You chose someone like me 
To declare your praise 
                      Bbm     (Ab  Gb)
For the glory of your name 

Bbm             Ab      Db
To the one who gave it all

    Gb                          Ab
I belong with all my heart and soul 
Bbm               Ab       Db
And every gain I count as loss

         Gb                       Ab
When I survey the wonder of the cross 

Ab                  Db     Gb    Bbm
You gave your life upon a cross

Ab                  Db       Gb     Db     
To make your home within my heart 
Ab                 Db       Gb   Bbm     
Oh what a faithful God you are 
Ab                  Db     Gb     Db      
Your praise forever in my heart

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Songwriters: Matthews Ntele, Chris Brown, Steven Furtick, Stefan Green

CCLI#: 7051512

Recommended Key: Db

Tempo/BPM: 135