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Maker of the Moon

By: Elle Limebear

Verse 1
       F#m   E 	   A
Hello Maker of the moon
	  Bm	    A		      E
Your creation has inspired my every move
	     F#m   E	    A
You’re the science in the stars
	  Bm	           A	        E
There is beauty, there is fire in Your eyes

         D	      F#m
Here we are - face to face
	  A			        E
Lost in wonder of the God of time and space
	D	    	    F#m
The universe declares Your praise
	A		     E
Singing holy, holy is Your name

Verse 2
      F#m   E	   A
Hello Tamer of the tides
      Bm		  A	      E
Every day You’re moving deeper in my life
	    F#m	    E	    A
You’re the wildness in the wind
       Bm	         A	        E
And I feel You so much closer than my skin
I can feel Your heartbeat beating

I can hear my God is speaking
	   E	  	       F#m
King of creation, breathe upon me
You can feel my heartbeat beating
You can hear my spirit screaming
	  E		    F#m
King of creation, You amaze me

       F#m   E	    A
Hello Maker of the moon
	  Bm	          A		   E
You were there when I was in my mother’s womb

© 201X
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Songwriters: By Elle Limebear, Holly Roe, Jacob Stimson, John Morgan, Jonathan Bird, Joshua Gale, Lydia McAllister, Martin Smith, Myles Dhillon, Sarah Bird

CCLI#: 7095716

Recommended Key: A

Tempo/BPM: 130