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Sons and Daughters

By: Iron Bell Music

Bm                   G
You are my child and I am your Father
  D                    A
Spend time with me my sons and daughters
    Bm                   G
I whisper I love you and it rings forever
  D                       A
Drink of my love cause nothing is better

    G                            D
And I sing and dance when I’m thinking of you
          A                Bm
And I’m always thinking of you
  G                              D
You’ll sing and dance when you think of me too
      A                 Bm
It’s what I made you to do

 D           A      Bm        G
Sons and daughters feel my pleasure
 D       A       Bm        G
For you are my treasure
    D      A         Bm           G
Daughters and sons you’ve been ransomed
 D        A   Bm      G 
New life has begun

G         D    A        Bm
I sought you, you were lost
 G         D        A
You were worth the cost

Lyrics and chords provided by EssentialWorship.com
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Songwriters: Joel Gerdis

CCLI#: 7068771

Recommended Key: D

Tempo/BPM: 145