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Belong To You

By: Iron Bell Music

VERSE Bm G D You called me out of darkness Bm G D You silence every lie Bm G D No other voice will define me Bm G A I belong to you, I belong to You CHORUS D The enemy can’t A/C# Take what I have Bm Change who I am G I belong to You VERSE Bm G D By your blood I've been adopted Bm G D I’ve taken on Your name Bm G D And I need to be reminded Bm G A That I belong to you, I belong to You BRIDGE Bm Greater are You who's in me G Than he who’s in the world D/F# The words You have spoken A Are stronger than the curse TAG D/F# G D/F# G I belong to You, I belong to You D/A G/B No one can take from me, My destiny D/F# G D I belong to You Chords and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Stephen McWhirter, Dustin Smith, Jaye Thomas

CCLI#: 7085912

Recommended Key: D

Tempo/BPM: 67