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Made For More

By: Josh Baldwin

Db | Gbsus | Db | Db | 
Bbm7 | Gb | Db | Db 

Bbm7           Gb                 Db
Darkness runs away from where the light is
Gb                               Db
Life has come to run off all the dying
  Bbm7           Gb                  Db
Remind my heart again who’s lost its hold
  Bbm7           Gb                  Ab
Remind my heart again who’s on the throne

   Gb                  Db            Ab
Oh death, you can’t do nothing to me
     Gb               Db                Ab
Your power was taken away by a man on a tree
   Gb                  Db/F
Oh grave, you couldn’t hold my God
Gb/Bb           Ab
     I know you tried but lost
   Gb                  Db 
Oh death, You can’t do nothing
             Ab                  Db
You can’t do nothing, nothing to me

Db | Gbsus | Db | Db |

[VERSE 2] 
Bbm7                 Gb              Db
There’s resurrection in the hands of Jesus
    Bbm7                 Gb            Db
His scars still proof of what he has defeated
  Bbm7           Gb                      Db
Remind my heart again who lost its sting
  Bbm7           Gb                     Ab
Remind my heart again who’s really King


Gb | Ab | Bbm7 | Db/F

Gb             Ab
I have freedom I have life
Bbm            Db
I have victory on my side
Gb           Ab
I’m forgiven I’m redeemed
Bbm7.         Db
This is Jesus Christ in me

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Songwriters: Blake Wiggins, Jessie Early, Jonathan Smith, Josh Baldwin

CCLI#: 7207758

Recommended Key: C

Tempo/BPM: 150