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All She Wrote

By: Justin Bieber, Chandler Moore

[INTRO] Abmaj7 / / / | Gm / / / | Cm / / / | Cm / Gm7 / [VERSE 1] Fm7 We re - ject what we don't understand Gm We turn our backs on a fellow man Cm I wanna change, but my heart is bleedin' Gm7 Heart is hard, and can't nobody see me Fm7 I wanna be there for the ones that need me Gm I can't stand the pain I see on TV Abmaj7/C Jealous 'cause they wanna be me Cm Gm7 Damn it man, this life ain't easy Fm7 It takes over me Gm My unforgiveness keeps control of mе Cm Damnit, I gotta get a hold of me Gm7 Gotta get a hold of mе, oh Fm7 What you want out of life? That's the question Gm This ain't a simulation, it's a blessing Cm Is it a mistake or is it destined? Gm7 We ain't got no time for second guessin' Fm7 We can't save ourselves, we need a savior Gm We ain't make ourselves, we need a maker Cm I keep failin' myself, I need somethin' new Gm7 So I lay my life down, I give it all to you [BRIDGE] Abmaj7 G7 All to you, give it all to you (I give it all to you) Gm7 Give it all to you, give it all (I give it all to you) Fm7 Gm Oh, oh [VERSE 2] Fm7 I came to the end of me, believin' the enemy Gm Comin' with that "Mmm", man, you ain't a friend of me Cm Nothing can fix that, ooh, not even the Hennessy Gm7 I had to switch it up, yeah, switch up the remedy Fm7 God, can you use imperfect people? Gm 'Cause I'm broken through and through Cm Just tell me where I need to go Gm7 'Cause that's all that I wanna do Fm7 I'm a mess, but I'm tryna grow Gm I'm upset, but I still wanna know Cm Is there more for my life or is that all she wrote? Gm Fm7 Gm Uh, is that all she wrote? (Is that all that she wrote?) Cm Is that all she wrote? (Is that all that she wrote?) Gm7 Is that all she wrote? [VERSE 3] Abmaj7 G7 Thanks to all them Judas kisses, I got a master's in forgiveness I don't need a jail system, I walk in conviction Gm I'd rather pray to God, than pray for wishes Fm7 Gm I'm supernatural, not superstitious, there's a difference Fm7 Like relationship versus religion, that's a prison G7 I'm lightin' circle, then royal purple inside a prism Gm This flow is so universal, it came with dreams and visions G7 Fm7 Gm7 I got the keys to the kingdom, I'm 'bout my father business Fm7 I came up straight from the bottom, I started from the finish Gm You can't undermine a mastermind Cm I may be out of your mind, but I ain't out of mine Gm7 I'm co-crucified, bury, resurrected and perfected in the Son of God Fm7 Just like water turn to wine, I'm a prophetic sign Gm Ask your barber, I'ma headliner in New York Times Cm My life verse is I am His, yeah, and He is mine Gm7 The great "I Am's", the greatest Lamb of all time Fm7 Rebranded, redesigned and redefined Gm From Brandon to brand new Cm I'ma brand name, and a household brand too Gm7 Who are you to try to tell me what I can't do? We need a [?], huh? [OUTRO] Abmaj7 G7 You ever ask yourself "Am I gonna make it?" Gm Well, I don't know, of course I can fake it Fm7 Gm But honestly, can I go on? Abmaj7 G7 Abmaj7 I'm so tired, I'm so broken, I'm so weary G7 Fm7 G7 Abmaj7 Oh, God, oh, God
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Songwriters: Anderson Hernandez, Brandon Shamar Burke, Gerald Levert, Justin Bieber, Leigh Elliot, Matthew Samuels, Sean Momberger

CCLI#: -

Recommended Key: Eb

Tempo/BPM: 76