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One Desire

By: Kari Jobe

VERSE 1 G/D D A/D Here I am G/D D A/D Just for You, only You G/D D A/D Here I stand G/D D A/D Wanting You, only You CHORUS G In Your presence Lord D I will find my strength Bm You're the breath in me D You're my everything G With my heart bowed low D And my hands held high Bm All consuming fire A You're my one desire VERSE 2 G D A Your name, oh Your name G D A Let it stay on my lips G D A I will seek Your face G D A God, it's You, only You POST CHORUS G Bm A It’s You, God it’s You G Bm A It’s You, only You BRIDGE G D My heart will always sing Bm A I love You, I love You Chords and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Jason Ingram, Kari Jobe

CCLI#: 5998315

Recommended Key: D

Tempo/BPM: 75