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As You Are

By: Life.Church Worship

INTRO X F#m A E VERSE 1 A If you’re lonely longing for someone to hear you A If your burdens feel like more than you can bear F#m D A If you’re searching for a place to just be honest F#m E A Come just as you are A If you’re tired of just hoping for an answer A E/G# If you’re wishing you could let your guard come down F#m D A If you feel like you can’t hold it all together F#m E A Come just as you are CHORUS E F#m There’s no need for any hiding D A In the Father’s house you’re met with open arms E F#m He gives grace without conditions D E A As you are, with nothing else, just come VERSE 2 A There is space for everyone who feels unworthy A E/G# A place for those who’ve never felt at home F#m D A C#m Where you don’t have to wonder if you’re wanted F#m E A Come just as you are A There’s a hope for you and me, His name is Jesus A E/G# He’s the One who makes the broken whole again F#m D A C#m There’s no need for you to pick up all the pieces F#m E A Come just as you are BRIDGE F#m D Come, Come A Come to Jesus E Come to Jesus VERSE 3 A Maybe you have always thought of God as distant A E Maybe you have never trusted Him at all F#m D A There’s safety here to wrestle with your questions F#m E A Come just as you are
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Songwriters: Cassidy Estevez, Chris Kuti, Dameon Aranda, David Wellman, Rob Estevez, Stephen Cole

CCLI#: 7161730

Recommended Key: A

Tempo/BPM: 70