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Lord of All

By: Life.Church Worship

INTRO 1 1 1 1 VERSE 1 1 Giants they will rise and fall 4 God You stand above them all 6m Seasons they will come and go 4 But You will stay the same 1 Even when I’m weak and worn 4 You are able to restore 6m And every time my heart is torn 4 I’ll praise You even more CHORUS 1 5 And I will sing 4 Glory to the King of Kings 6m 5 4 The Lord of All 1 5 And I will sing 4 Glory to the King of Kings 6m 5 1 The Lord of All VERSE 2 1 The One who goes to war for me 4 The One who is my prince of peace 6m I’m resting in your victory 4 Jesus I am Yours 1/3 With every breath that’s in my lungs 4 5 I declare the battle won 6m That sin and death are overcome 4 That you alone are God BRIDGE 4 Your cross at Calvary 1/3 Your life laid down for me 4 Your blood my victory 5 Forever, and ever 4 Your love the final say 1/3 Your grace my everything 4 Your breath alive in me 5 Forever, and ever
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Songwriters: James Conner

CCLI#: -

Recommended Key: B

Tempo/BPM: 75