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On Fire

By: Life.Church Worship

(4 ‘6m) (5 ‘2m)
(4 ‘6m) (5 ‘2m)
4 6m
Breathe deep
5 2m
Every breath I take is from you
4 6m 5 2m
Hope is running through my veins
4 6m 5 2m
Filling up my heart with joy unending
4 6m 5 2m
Love is resurrecting me
4 6m 5
Your love is life to me
2m 4 6m 5
It’s written on my heart like a melody
2m 4 6m
Reminding me in calm and in chaos
5 2m 4
I cannot outrun your love
6m 5
Is life to me
It’s life to me
4 6m 5 2m
Living water rising up in my soul
4 6m 5 2m
My heart never will run dry
4 6m 5 2m
I can’t imagine life apart from you
4 6m
5 2m
Your word sustains me through the night BRIDGE
1/3 4 6m
Your love is the air I’m breathing
5 1/3
Your love is the air I’m breathing
4 6m
In Your love my heart is beating
You’re all that I’m living for
All that I’m living for
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Songwriters: Cassidy Estevez, Dameon Aranda, Rob Estevez

CCLI#: 7135086

Recommended Key: F

Tempo/BPM: 125