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Not Just Stories

By: Maryanne J. George, Aaron Moses

[Intro] D / / / | / / / / | G / / / | / / / / | / / / / | Em / / / [Verse 1] D Dsus D I've heard about the water You turned into wine G How You interrupted funerals to bring the dead to life Em And the time you helped, a blind man see a better day D Dsus D I’ve heard how You fed thousands with only fish and bread G How You weren’t ashamed to talk to the woman at the well Em All the demons You sent running and the sins that You forgave [Pre-Chorus] G Bbdim Your Word is crystal clear, no doubt about it Bm D/A G And even when my doubting tries to cloud it [Chorus] Dsus D Dmaj7 D You are just as good, You are just as kind Bm You are just as glorious, just as divine G Gm As You’ve always been, You’re not changing Dsus D Dmaj7 D If the skies turn grey and the lights grow dim Bm It doesn’t mean Your faithfulness is wearing thin G Gm D (Bm 2x) It’s not wavering, You’re not changing anytime soon [Verse 2] D I heard about the garden and the tears of blood You cried G How you healed the high priest’s servant on Your way to die Em And how you even pled for mercy for those who made Your cross D I’ve heard that it is finished, I’ve heard that it is done Bm I’ve heard that after three days breath rushed back into Your lungs G Em And I know they’re not just stories, this is the Truth I’m standing on [Chorus] [Turn 1] Bm / / / | A/C# / / / | Dsus / / D | Asus / / A [Bridge] [x3] Bm A/C# For all You’ve done, for all You’ll do Dsus D Asus A Lord we thank You, we just thank You Bm A/C# And all the praise to Your name Dsus D Asus A Lord, we love You, we just love You [Chorus] [Turn 2] [x4] D / / / | / / / / | Bm / / / | / / / / | G / / / | Em / / / [Pre-Chorus] [x2] [Chorus]
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Songwriters: Aaron Moses, Dante Bowe, Jesse Cline, Maryanne George, Mitch Wong

CCLI#: 7166921

Recommended Key: D

Tempo/BPM: 74