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Bigger Table

By: Matt Maher

[VERSE 1] Gb Db Come gather round the mystery Ab Ebm Of love in our broken history Gb Db Where grace heals the fault lines in me Ab Time and time again it welcomes me in to a [CHORUS] Gb Db Ab Ebm A house for the hungry, a well for the thirsty Gb Db Ab Where all saints come together shoulder to shoulder Gb Db Ab Ebm A welcome for the traveler, new wine for the vineyard Gb Db Ab (Gb) In all things God is able, love has a bigger table [TURN] Gb Db Ab [VERSE 2] Gb Db Show me who is my neighbor Ab Ebm The Christ hidden in the beggar Gb Db Cause love doesn’t meet a stranger Ab Love calls them friend and welcomes them in to a [CHORUS] [TURN] [BRIDGE] [x2] Gb Db There’s an empty seat waiting next to me Ab Ebm We gotta make some room for each other Gb Db Ab Ebm Let my enemy be my family fill my cup til it’s running over [CHORUS] [OUTRO] Gb Db Ab His love has a bigger table Gb Db Ab There’s a place for you Gb Love has a bigger table
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Songwriters: Bryan Fowler, Jacob Sooter, Matt Maher

CCLI#: 7202727

Recommended Key: Db

Tempo/BPM: 105