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Mighty Fortress

By: Matt Maher

VERSE 1 A Em D A How can I stand before a mystery A Em D A And claim I comprehend the maker of all things? A Em D A You hold us all at once, The world is in Your hands A Em D You call us as your own, So we would understand A We would understand CHORUS A Em You are the rock of salvation D A The only foundation, Lord of all A Em You are a hope never failing D G A A mighty fortress, Is our God VERSE 2 A Em D A As every trial comes, And kingdoms rise and fall A Em D Our victory belongs, To Christ who won it all A Em D A For every knee will bow, Every tongue confess A Em D That You alone are God, There is no one else A There is no one else BRIDGE D So we run You, We run to You A E And by Your side, We won't be moved D We run to You, We run to You A E In death and life, We won't be moved D We run to you, We run to you F#m E Our righteousness and our refuge D/F# We run to you, we run to you A/E E In death and life, we won’t be moved OUTRO A This is our offering Em Let all you people sing D A A mighty fortress is our God Chords and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Matt Maher, Mia Fieldes, Paul Moak

CCLI#: 6520971

Recommended Key: A

Tempo/BPM: 78