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Say I Won’t

By: Mercy Me

[INTRO] C / / / | / / / / | Csus / / / | / / / / [VERSE 1] C F Today it all begins
 Am C/E I'm seeing my life for the very first time
 F Through a different lens
 C F Yesterday, I didn't understand
 Am C/E Driving 35 with the rocket inside
 F Didn't know what I had
While I've been waiting to live
 F My life's been waiting on me
I'm gonna run, no, I'm gonna fly
 Am C/E F I'm gonna know what it means to live and not just be alive
 C F The world's gonna hear, cause I'm gonna shout
 G Am C/E F And I will be dancing when circumstances drown the music out
 Say I won’t [VERSE 2]
 C F
Not enough is what I've been told
 Am C/E But it must be a lie cause the Spirit inside F Says I'm so much more [PRE CHORUS 1] 
 G C/E So let them say what they want F Oh I dare them to try

[TAG] C F G Am C/E F Say I won’t, say I won’t, say I won't
 I can do all things
F G Through Christ who gives me strength
Am C/E So keep on saying I won't
 F And I'll keep proving you wrong

C F G Am Say I won’t, say that I won't
C/E F Oh say I won’t, say I won’t C / / / | / / / / | F / / / | / / G / Am / / / | C/E / / / | F / / / | / / / /
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Songwriters: Bart Millard, Jordan Mohilowski

CCLI#: 7165533

Recommended Key: C

Tempo/BPM: 120