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So I Sing

By: Mosaic MSC

Ab			    Cm
  All you dream has come to be
                 Db	     Ebsus Eb
The beauty in everything set free
Ab			   Cm
  You put a song inside of me
		  Db	     Ebsus  Eb
Your love’s too wonderful to speak

    Db	        Fm  Eb 
So I sing halle—lu-jah
    Db		Fm  Eb
So I sing halle—lu-jah

Ab		              Cm		   
  My life surrendered at your feet
	       Db	      Ebsus Eb
Your love is changing me, set free
Ab			        Cm
  Time after time you fight for me
		Db		     Fm	  Ebsus Eb
When all of my strength is gone you carry me

Db		    Ab		      Fm   Eb
  Your love goes on    Your love goes on
Db		     Ab		      Fm   Eb
  Your love is strong   Your love has won

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Songwriters: Andres Figueroa, Mariah McManus

CCLI#: 7085014

Recommended Key: Ab

Tempo/BPM: 117