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By the Cross

By: Red Rocks Worship

  B                      E   B
Long my soul has waited for you 
   B                       F#
bound by sin and nature's night 
      G#m           E           B
But in the secret I will find you
    G#m  F#           B
a mighty ray of holy light

B                            E    B
Oh these chains were sweetly broken
 B                         F#
Bound by shame you set me free
G#m                       E    B
Perfect love my fear was stolen 
      G#m      F#           B
When Thou, my Jesus died for me

        E               B
By the cross of Jesus Christ
               E                      B
Every sin was bought at the highest price
                E             F# G#m
Every fear was lost every sin erased
                     E        F#       B
When Jesus took the cross He took my place

 B                   E     B
All my heart I lay before Thee
    B                         F#
To sound the depths of love divine
   G#m                    E      B
So free so infinite, your glory
     G#m           E     B
That I am His and He is mine

               E                  B
Then sings my soul then cries my heart
               E                F#
Till kingdom come till heavens part
          G#m      F#/A#    G#m
Till he returns or calls me home
                 E        F#     B (G#m)
I'll praise the name of Christ alone

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Songwriters: Jake Espy

CCLI#: 7124925

Recommended Key: B

Tempo/BPM: -