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Living God

By: Red Rocks Worship

INTRO – V1 – C – INT. – V2 – C (2x) – INST. – B (3x) – C – B (2x) INTRO A B C#m (4x) VERSE 1 A B C#m I breathe in the presence of the living God A B C#m I take in the goodness of Your love A B C#m I lean in closer to my Father’s heart A B I trust in who You say You are CHORUS E B You are alive, living and breathing C#m A Here in this place, speaking and healing E/G# Your fullness and glory B Right here before me C#m You’re the living God A The Living God INTERLUDE A B C#m VERSE 2 A B C#m I hold to the joy that’s found in You alone A B C#m I cling to the peace that won’t let go A B C#m Oh Jesus, You’re the only one that satisfies A B I run to the fountain of Your hope INSTRUMENTAL E Esus E Esus (2x) BRIDGE E F#m Death was never gonna hold You C#m So it’s never gonna hold me A Cause You’re the only thing holding onto me
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Songwriters: Bede Benjamin-Korporaal, Jessie Early, Kory Miller, Tyler Roberts

CCLI#: 7151140

Recommended Key: E

Tempo/BPM: -