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Always and Only

By: Red Rocks Worship

                      D     G
The dreamer and the dream
                   D     G
The heart and the beat
                         Bm  A  G 
The flame that starts a fire in me 
                          D     G
The strength for all the weak
                       D     G
The greatest for the least
                        Bm   A   G 
The song my soul can’t help but sing

                 D    Em                Bm     G
All I’ve ever wanted,    All I’ve ever needed 
                  D         Em
The heart of my desire It’s You 
         Bm        G
Jesus, Always and only

                 D        G
The innocent condemned
                  D       G
My brokenness to mend
                       Bm    A G 
The cross has made me whole again 
                   D        G
My savior and my friend
                    D        G
A love that has no end
                     Bm   A  G 
I’m found no matter where I am

  D         Em     Bm        G
Always and only, Always and only Jesus
  D         Em     Bm        G
Always and only, Always and only

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Songwriters: Matt Maher, Nicole Serrano, Jason Ingram

CCLI#: 7084257

Recommended Key: D

Tempo/BPM: 71