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Nobody Like You

By: Red Rocks Worship

VERSE Db Ab Eb You speak, and waters crash upon the sand Db Ab Eb The oceans push and pull at Your command Db Ab Eb You hold the moon and stars within Your hands Db Ab Eb And all with just a breath, the world began CHORUS Ab Fm God, there is nobody like You God, Db There is nobody like You God, Ab And there will never be VERSE Db Ab Eb When nothing we could do would be enough Db Ab Eb From Heaven's highest place, You reached for us Db Ab Eb My sin and shame forever overcome Db Ab Eb The grave was overwhelmed by perfect love BRIDGE Eb Fm Db Ab Your Name is greater, than any name I know Eb Fm Db Ab Your Throne is higher, than any other throne Eb Fm Db Ab You are the Author, the Creator of it all Eb Fm Db You stand alone, You stand alone Chords and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Jake Espy, Bryan Fowler, Jason Ingram

CCLI#: 7095713

Recommended Key: Ab

Tempo/BPM: 118