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My Deliverer

By: Red Rocks Worship

Intro - Gm	Eb	Bb	F

Verse 1
Gm		Eb
Shadows in the night
Bb	            F
Won’t take away my joy
Gm		Eb
Steady is Your love
Bb	       F
In You I am secure
Gm		Eb
Driven by Your heart
Bb		  F
Held in perfect grace
Gm	           Eb
Whatever comes my way
Bb		    F
Will never crush my praise

Gm	    Eb
Even in the darkest valley
Bb	      F
Your peace is rushing through me
Gm	       Eb
Even with the fire surrounding 
Bb	    F
I know that You stand with me
Gm	    Eb
Even as the flames rise higher
Bb	  F
I’m safe, I will not fear
Gm		Eb
I can hear Your voice like thunder
Bb	     F
My hope, and my deliverer

Gm	Eb	Bb	F

Verse 2
Gm		Eb
Defender of my life
Bb	     F
Savior of my soul
Gm		      Eb
How could I want more when I am all Yours
Bb		 F
Lord, You are my home

Eb			 F
Within Your love, here within Your name
     Gm	           Bb/D
I am unafraid and I won’t be shaken

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Songwriters: Matthew Armstrong, Micah Kuiper, Nicole Serrano

CCLI#: 7124931

Recommended Key: Bb

Tempo/BPM: 120