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New Wine Flow

By: Ryan Ellis

[INTRO] Bmaj7 / / / | B / / / | Cm9 / / / | Cm / / / [VERSE 1] Bmaj7 B All of this crying, I can’t do it anymore Cm9 Cm And all of this fighting can’t remember what it’s for Emaj7 Em7 All of these secrets, and all of this weakness [VERSE 2] Bmaj7 B How do you surrender when every day’s a battlefield Cm9 Cm And how do you get better when you got wounds that haven’t healed Emaj7 Em7 I did it my way, let’s do it Your way [CHORUS] Bmaj7 Cm7 I think it’s time for a holy new wine Emaj7 Because my thirsty soul’s waiting Em7 So let it rain down from Heaven Bmaj7 Cm7 I think it’s time to leave the old ways behind Emaj7 I wanna feel a fresh wind blow Em7 B Spirit, let the new wine flow [VERSE 2] Bmaj7 Meet me at the water You can bring the miracles Cm9 I need what You offer, a taste of something beautiful Emaj7 Em7 The way that You love me is sweeter than honey [CHORUS] [OUTRO] Bmaj7 Cm9 No matter what I’m facing, no matter what is broken Emaj7 Em B Let your heart let go, Spirit, let the new wine flow
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Songwriters: Paul Duncan, Ryan Ellis

CCLI#: 7182010

Recommended Key: B

Tempo/BPM: 74