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Here and Now

By: SEU Worship

Gm Bb Eb
I’m falling on my knees again Gm Bb Eb
Your compassion overwhelms me Gm Bb Eb
You know me as I really am Gm Bb Eb
Still Your love is never failing PRE CHORUS
Here and now Bb F
Lord, I bow Eb
At Your feet Bb F
I surrender now CHORUS
Bb C
I don’t wanna wait another day Gm
I wanna see You move Eb
I don’t wanna miss another way Bb
To give this back to You Bb C
I’m not gonna waste another day Gm
I wanna be used by You Eb
I’m not gonna chase another way Bb
I’m gonna follow You VERSE 2
Gm Bb Eb
You’re giving back the wasted days Gm Bb Eb
When I took Your grace for granted Gm Bb Eb
Your mercy marks my every move Gm Bb Eb
There’s no way I could escape it BRIDGE
I’m coming back to the start C
I’m coming back to Your heart Gm Eb
Here and now I’m all in, Lord
I wanna know You more
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Songwriters: Daniel Rivera, David Cook, David Ryan Cook, Kenzie McGinnis, Daniel Rivera, Kenzie Walker

CCLI#: 7144356

Recommended Key: Bb

Tempo/BPM: 73