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In Rhythm

By: SEU Worship

[VERSE 1] E Fm You’re with me in the morning N.C. You’re with me in the night E Fm Your love will never leave me N.C. You’re always by my side E Fm I’ll praise You in the darkness N.C. I’ll praise You in the light E Fm Cause when I’m living for you N.C. I’m living my best life [PRE CHORUS] E/G# A B Cm7 I will glorify You forever E/G# A Fm B Cause your love gets better with time E/G# A B Cm7 With all my heart I’ll seek you forever E/G# A B You’re the only one I wanna find [CHORUS] E Fm You won’t stop chasing Cm B Me with your love, me with your love E Fm Cm B So my heart accepts your pursuit E Fm Cm I will surrender the rest of my days B To follow your ways E Fm Cm B My hearts in rhythm with you [VERSE 2] E Fm The heart of the Father N.C. The glory of the King E Fm The power of Your Spirit N.C. Is moving within me E Fm I’m living in Your freedom N.C. I’m living in Your peace E Fm I’m living in the presence N.C. And shadow of Your wings [PRE CHORUS] [CHORUS] [BRIDGE] [x4] E Fm All of my days I’ll give Cm My praise B My praise E Fm Cm B All of my days are for You [CHORUS] Chord chart and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: David Ryan Cook, Olivia Grimes, Evan Eliason, Miguel Montoya

CCLI#: 7151991

Recommended Key: E

Tempo/BPM: 98