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Higher Than Mine

By: SEU Worship

VERSE 1 G Higher than all F# Higher than any thought could go Bm You go beyond A Your thoughts reaching heights unknown VERSE 2 G Better than all F# Better than what I think I know Bm You show the way A Leading me to the life You hold PRE-CHORUS G F# You give me life and fill it with purpose Bm A You teach me how to trust what's true G F# You open my mind more than I imagined Bm You Your ways are higher than mine CHORUS Higher than mine (4x) G F# Bm Bm Bmaj Your ways are higher than mine VERSE 3 G Heaven above F# Heaven about my heart below Bm You make a way A For my heart to reach Your throne VERSE 4 G Greater than all F# Greater than what the earth could hold Bm You are the way A Living in me to make you known Chord chart and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Sydney Wilson, David Ryan Cook

CCLI#: 7119303

Recommended Key: D

Tempo/BPM: -