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By: SEU Worship

Charts and lyrics VERSE 1 C#m A E B When life is heavy and my strength is faint C#m A There's beauty for ashes E B There's joy in my pain C#m A E B C#m A Here in the quiet I will wait for Your hope to appear E B I will wait for Your hope to appear VERSE 2 C#m A E B Near in my trials, near in my fears C#m A Forever faithful E B God, You're in my tears C#m A Your love is loyal E B C#m A I will wait for Your hope to appear E B A I will wait for Your hope to appear CHORUS E C#m We are wrapped in resurrection B A You have clothed us in Your glory E C#m Now our hearts are no longer wandering B You've become our sanctuary VERSE 3 A E B All who are wounded You tenderly heal C#m A E B For hearts that are hurting Your grace is revealed C#m A E B C#m A Burdens are lifted as the presence of Jesus appears E B A The hope that we've prayed for is here CHORUS BRIDGE C#m A What once was full of sorrow E Your love turned into good B What once left me in pieces C#m Your strength restored in full A My trust is in your word Lord E You have the final say B My hope is in your promise That there's an empty grave Chords and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Charlie Dawes, Daniel Rivera, David Ryan Cook

CCLI#: -

Recommended Key: E

Tempo/BPM: 71