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We Say Yes


Verse 1: 1-2-6-4 Make me what I’m meant to be I’m yours I’ll surrender completely Reshape my identity Call out what’s already alive in me PreChorus: (1)-2-6-(4) You don’t need me but you want me How you love to use the broken I’m not worthy but I’m willing And my heart responds now Chorus: 6-4-3-5 I say yes to what You’ve promised Amen to the word You’ve spoken I say yes to what I can’t imagine I say yes, Lord, I say yes Verse 2: 1-2-6-4 Don’t know what You see in me You’ve shown that You work in the unseen Come use what I’m offering Small faith is the way You move mountains Vamp/Tag We say yes (4x) Bridge: (6-4-3-5) Every promise that You speak Every harvest yet to be Every breakthrough that we seek I say yes, Lord, we say yes The calling You’ve spoken over me My future is laid out at Your feet Wherever Your plans are taking me I say yes, Lord, we say yes
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Songwriters: Daniel Rivera, Davide Mutendji, Josh Holiday, Kenzie Walker, Sydney Wilson

CCLI#: 7170354

Recommended Key: C

Tempo/BPM: 80