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We Say Yes


Verse 1: 1-2-6-4 
Make me what I’m meant to be
I’m yours I’ll surrender completely
Reshape my identity
Call out what’s already alive in me

PreChorus: (1)-2-6-(4)
You don’t need me but you want me
How you love to use the broken
I’m not worthy but I’m willing
And my heart responds now

Chorus: 6-4-3-5
I say yes to what You’ve promised
Amen to the word You’ve spoken
I say yes to what I can’t imagine
I say yes, Lord, I say yes

Verse 2: 1-2-6-4
Don’t know what You see in me
You’ve shown that You work in the unseen
Come use what I’m offering
Small faith is the way You move mountains

We say yes (4x)

Bridge: (6-4-3-5)
Every promise that You speak
Every harvest yet to be
Every breakthrough that we seek
I say yes, Lord, we say yes

The calling You’ve spoken over me 
My future is laid out at Your feet
Wherever Your plans are taking me
I say yes, Lord, we say yes
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Songwriters: Daniel Rivera, Davide Mutendji, Josh Holiday, Kenzie Walker, Sydney Wilson

CCLI#: 7170354

Recommended Key: C

Tempo/BPM: 80