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Good Things

By: SEU Worship

Verse 1: C Did I take Your joy for granted G Was I making friends with feelings Am When all I had to do was let go F And let You in C Have I wrestled with devotion G In one day and out the other Am When You were always gentle F You were always good Pre-Chorus: Am F There’s not a missing piece C Dm When You are the thread between Am F Make right what’s wrong in me C G You only make good things Chorus: F (My Father) Tell me the truth again C Remind of who I am Am Love me like no one can G You always do F Sing over me again C I live with open hands Am I know You’re still working G You’re not done yet Verse 2: C Did I let my dreams go wasted G By finding my worth from people Am When you already told me F Yours is who I am C So I’ll trade my plans for Jesus G Walk in His way of freedom Am F Everything I needed You already have Bridge: F You will finish what You start Am Your creation is Your heart C G You are making good things F What is broken is not dead Am You can always resurrect C G You are making good things Tags: F Am G And you won’t stop with me F Am G You only make good things
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Songwriters: Daniel Rivera, David Ryan Cook, Kenzie Walker, Nixaide Lopez, Sydney Wilson, Tessa Acevedo

CCLI#: 7185132

Recommended Key: C

Tempo/BPM: 75