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Never Giving Up

By: SEU Worship


Dm 	   Eb
Keep my head up

No I’m never giving up

Gm 		Gm F 		Bb Eb
You have a plan for me

Dm 		Eb
Hold tight to you

If I ever let go

Gm 		    Gm F 	    Bb Eb
Your grace is there always


Dm    Eb 		 F Gm
I know for sure what living’s really for

Gm F 		Bb Eb
You’re true

Dm    Eb 		   F Gm
If troubles come and if the fight ensures

Gm F 		Bb Eb
You’ll prove


Dm 		Eb
I’m not giving up

F 	   Gm
I put all my confidence in

Gm 		F 	Bb Eb
everything you are

Dm 			Eb
I know you’re enough

F 			Gm
You’ll do what you promise me

     Gm 	     F 	 Bb Eb

You’re never giving up


Dm 		Eb
Trust who You are

Oh you never miss a thing

Gm 			Gm F 		Bb Eb
you will come through for me

Dm 		Eb
Lift my hands up

I can never sing enough

Gm 		   Gm F 	Bb Eb
You’re worthy of my praise


Dm 		  Eb
All through the trials

        F   Gm 		  Gm F Bb Eb
You’re never gonna fail me

Dm 		  Eb
I don’t have to worry

F Gm 		  Gm F Bb Eb
You’re already on it
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Songwriters: Daniel Rivera, Sydney Wilson, Jon Santana

CCLI#: 7144357

Recommended Key: Bb

Tempo/BPM: -