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Fully Surrendering

By: SEU Worship

[INTRO] G / / / | C / / / | Em / / / | C / / / [VERSE 1] G This is my prayer, God C What I’m believing for Em The dreams You’ve given to me C Reveal Your open doors [VERSE 2] G I want Your will, God C So help me to understand Em The only way to find it C is give You what I have [PRE CHORUS] [x2] G You can have it C You can have it all Em C Every part of me is Yours [CHORUS] G C Oh I believe every Word You speak Em You are my victory C So I’m fully surrendering G C Oh I receive what Your promise keeps Em You never give up on me C So I’m fully surrendering [VERSE 3] G This is your plan, God C What I’m created for Em By seeking first Your Kingdom C I’ll see Your world restored [VERSE 4] G Here is my life, God C Come finish what You began Em Cause when I choose surrender C Your freedom meets me there [PRE CHORUS] [x2] [CHORUS] [INSTRUMENTAL] Am / / / | C / / / | G / / / | D / / / [BRIDGE] [x2] Am In every season C Through every trial G Teach me how to trust Your ways D Show me who You are Am Less of my worries, C More of You, Lord G Teach me how to trust Your Word D Let my faith arise [CHORUS] [x2] Chord chart and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: David Ryan Cook, Sydney Wilson

CCLI#: 7151165

Recommended Key: G

Tempo/BPM: 84