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Only Help We Know

By: Stephen McWhirter

[Verse 1] C Jesus, our Matchless One, Jesus, our Greatest Love F Jesus, our Line of Defense, Jesus, our Shield and Strength [Verse 2] C Jesus, our Righteousness, Jesus, the Holy Lamb F Jesus, the Great I Am, Jesus oh [Chorus] C You are the on - ly help we know You are the only help we know Dm And when we sing Your Name F Your Kingdom reigns [Verse 3] C Jesus, You are the Rock, Jesus, You can’t be stopped F Jesus, all power’s in Your hands, Jesus, and on You we will stand [Verse 4] C Jesus, You make the darkness flee, Jesus, You crush the enemy F Jesus, victorious King, Jesus oh [Chorus] [x2] [Bridge] [x4] Am G F Am G F When we lift you up, when we lift you up Am G C G#dim Your glo - ry will fall, fall on us all [Tag] Am F Fall on us all, fall on us all [Accapella Chorus] [Chorus] [Outro] C Csus C Csus Your Kingdom reigns, Your Kingdom reigns F Your Kingdom reigns, Your Kingdom reigns
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Songwriters: Jason Clayborn, Stephen McWhirter

CCLI#: 7167038

Recommended Key: C

Tempo/BPM: 110