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If U Only Knew

By: Switch

INTRO B Abm Ebm Db VERSE 1 B I come off like I’m put together Abm Ebm When you see me you might think I’ve got it all Db If you only B If you only knew I can just turn it on whenever Abm Ebm Everyone assumes that I’m so clever, no Db If they only B If they only knew PC B No one wants to hear that I’m alone Abm Ebm It’s the part of me that they will never know X How long till somebody really sees me CHORUS B If You Abm Ebm If You really love me, let me know Db Let me know B If You Abm Ebm If You really love me, let me know Db I really need to know VERSE 2 X Silence brings out all of my demons Abm Ebm Left alone with all of my racing thoughts Db If you only X If you only knew How tired How scared Abm Ebm I need a breath of fresh air If you only X If you only knew SPOKEN WORD B What if we made an idol of our self-discovery Abm Ebm What if self-denial was the key to becoming free We overproject abundantly Db When we’re insecure about what’s underneath, come and see B I don’t like what’s inside, but I can’t change it Abm I don’t need a better me, I need a new creation Ebm I know the agent of change who truly sustains it Db I display I’m okay, but You know that I’m breaking B You see the shadows that lurk Abm You see me battle my worst Remind me healing comes after the hurt Ebm I feel shackled and cursed Db I just act and rehearse When the director says cut Will you still see the worth B What if my worth isn’t a wage I earn Abm What if my worth is a reflection of Your image made Ebm What if my value doesn’t fade and turn Db What if the value has been set by the price You paid Down Ending Chorus B ’Cause You Abm Ebm You really love me, when I don’t Db Even when I don’t B Oh You Abm You really love me Ebm Db So hold me close, never let me go
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Songwriters: Dameon Aranda, David Wellman, Dillon Chase, Luke Guevara, Rob Estevez, Travis Heck

CCLI#: 7190401

Recommended Key: B

Tempo/BPM: 83