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By: Switch

Bbm / Eb / | Ab / F7 / 

Bbm       Eb                 Ab          F7
   In the tension around me,    when the doubt’s creeping in
Bbm       Eb                  Ab       F7
   I will rest in the promise that has set me free
Bbm          Eb                    Ab         F7
   I'm gonna move in Your freedom,    nothing holding me back
Bbm      Eb                  Ab      F7
   Gonna dance to the rhythm of Your victory

    Can’t stop this feeling
Your love has got me singing

Bbm        Eb 
Joy like a fire burning
Ab                F7              Bbm
  Lighting up the darkness, now I see
Hope in the atmosphere
Ab                F7  
  It surrounds me,  it surrounds me
Bbm          Eb  
Love lifting from the ashes
Ab                  F7              Bbm
  Breaking down the walls around my heart
Oh, I can’t contain it
Ab             F7         (Bbm)
  So I let it, let it overflow

(Bbm) / Eb / | Ab / F7 / | Bbm / Eb / | Ab / F7 /

Bbm     Eb                   Ab        F7
   When fear tries to own me    and my confidence worn
Bbm    Eb                Ab       F7
   I remember the battle You've already won
Bbm          Eb                       Ab         F7
   Cause the cross couldn't break You    and the grave lost the war
Bbm         Eb                 Ab     F7
   You have given me hope that cannot be undone




[BRIDGE] [x2]
Bbm    Eb  Ab  F7              Bbm    Eb  Ab  F7
Flow,       I let it, I let it flow         I let it, I let it 

[CHORUS] [x2]
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Songwriters: Cassidy Estevez, Dameon Aranda, JT Murrell, Louis Biancaniello, Michael Biancaniello, Rob Estevez

CCLI#: -

Recommended Key: Ab

Tempo/BPM: 92