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By: Switch

[INTRO] C / / / | Am / / / | F / / / | Dm / / / [VERSE 1] C Am Like a crash of thunder F Dm C Like a river tearing toward the sea Am Your love is spilling over F Dm Flooding every desert part of me [PRE-CHORUS] C Am And it feels F Dm like I’m coming alive, coming alive [CHORUS] C I can’t stop, I can’t help Am Dancing like I’ve got no shame F No more fear, no more doubt Dm Never gonna be the same C Eyes on You , won’t look back Am Follow You into the deep F Dm Living like I’ve been set free Your love is [TAG] C Am Wild, wild, wild Your love is F Dm Gsus Wild, wild, wild Your love is [VERSE 2] C Am Like breathing for the first time F Dm C Walking like there’s air beneath my feet Am Your love takes me higher F Dm Only You can do that to me [PRE-CHORUS] [CHORUS] [TAG] [BRIDGE] C All this time Am F Been looking for a love to set my soul on fire Gsus C Never thought I’d feel this rush, Your heart is holding mine G/B Am And it’s never gonna fade Dm Your love is wild, wild, wild Gsus Wild, wild, wild [CHORUS] [TAG] [x4] [OUT] N.C. Wild
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Songwriters: Cassidy Estevez, Dameon Aranda, Louis Biancaniello, Michael Biancaniello, Ran Jackson, Rob Estevez

CCLI#: -

Recommended Key: C

Tempo/BPM: 125