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INTRO (C D) (Em D) (C D) (Em D) VERSE 1 C D Indescribable mystery Em D That I can’t comprehend C D You’re the answer in front of me Em D You’re one step ahead C D You are holding a destiny Em D That I long to embrace C D You are going ahead of me Em D Preparing the way CHORUS C D Like the sun when seen from up above Em G Can never set upon the Father’s love C D When forever’s just a step away Em G You go even further C D Your horizon takes my breath away Em G Like the wonder of the galaxies C D Beyond the measure of eternity Em G You go even further VERSE 2 C D I can trust in Your plan for me Em D ’Cause I know in the end C D Through the night there are promises Em D The day can defend BRIDGE C D You look beyond Em G The old me is gone C D You said it is done Em G But You went even further C D Put death in its grave Em G You canceled my shame C D My past in its place Em X I’ll go even further
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Songwriters: Dameon Aranda, David Wellman, James Conner, Kelly McVey

CCLI#: -

Recommended Key: G

Tempo/BPM: 80