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Letting Go

By: Switch

INTRO A C#m E F#m VERSE 1 A Did I ever have control C#m Or just anxiety E Did I ever really know F#m A What the point was supposed to be Was I close enough C#m And did I mess it up E F#m Trying to do this on my own PC A C#m Feels like maybe something’s missing I’m asking You to E F#m Show me there’s a bigger picture CHORUS A C#m Even with these questions E I open up my hands F#m Come and wreck my plans A C#m While I’m waiting, I will worship E I trust You’re in control F#m Come and make me whole I’m letting go VERSE 2 A Maybe I don’t have to see C#m What the future holds E To trust Your promises to me F#m A In my weakness You are strong And in the moments when C#m I feel powerless E F#m You are closest to me then BRIDGE A Maybe You’re not keeping secrets C#m E And all I need to do F#m Is ask for Your perspective A C#m You’re showing me the bigger picture E X Sorry for the times I’ve missed it
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Songwriters: Cassidy Estevez, Dameon Aranda, Louis Biancaniello, Luke Guevara, Michael Biancaniello, Rob Estevez

CCLI#: -

Recommended Key: D

Tempo/BPM: 80