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By: Tenth Avenue North

VERSE A G C#m At first I am afraid but not because of fear E A But the Holy of Holies is drawing me near B C#m Your voice like thunder shakes the ground I'm on PRECHORUS A So hide my face B In the shadow of Your wings, oh Lord A Hide my sin B A From the beauty here before Your throne, B Your throne CHORUS E Hallelujah for the blood of the Lamb that was slain C#m Hallelujah for the blood of the Lamb that was slain A And so we enter in to see Your face, yeah E B Enter in to see Your face, oh God VERSE A B Well, I'm falling to my knees, C#m I feel the earth beneath E With the weight of my sin A And this crushing unbelief B Could You really love me C#m B/D# With all that I've done, oh Lord? BRIDGE C#m A You spread Your hands E B/D# C#m A and made a refuge for the weak and blessed E B The weary, bruised and broken C#m A E B/D# F#m Took our sin inside Your wounds we hide away A Inside Your wounds we hide Chords and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Jason Ingram, Mike Donehey, Phillip LaRue

CCLI#: 5382093

Recommended Key: E

Tempo/BPM: 67