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Thank You Jesus For The Cross

By: Vertical Worship

    A         E      D
My life lived   for only me
    A         E       D
My days spent   so sinfully
     A         E      F#m        E       D
My heart was dark, my eyes too blind to see 
    Bm      F#m     E
My pride destroying me
          A         E      E
But Your life, sent   for sin to die
           A         E       D
And Your blood, shed   to justify 
 A         E        F#m   E    D
Upon the cross, My ransom to afford 
       Bm     F#m     E
This sinner’s great reward

                            D      F#m   E
Thank You, Jesus, for the cross
                            A/C#          E   D
Thank You for the price You paid for us 
                E       D             F#m   E
Giving up Your life to save the lost 
                            D      F#m   E
Thank You, Jesus, for the cross

      A           E   D
The crown placed     upon Your head 
      A          E     D
The nails meant    for me instead
       A     E        F#m   E      D
Your death became the only way to life 
    Bm    F#m       E
For me to live is Christ

D        F#m E
Oh Oh Oh,    Oh Oh Oh

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Songwriters: Andi Rozier, Matthew Westerholm

CCLI#: 5405365

Recommended Key: A

Tempo/BPM: 68