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Like a Billy Graham Revival

By: Zach Williams

A  E/G#  F#m  E  D  A/C#  Bm  Esus  

    A                  E/G#   F#m              Esus
I remember when I was younger watching him on tv
D                     A/C#
Gentle giant man with wavy hair
Bm                             Esus
Speaking to the world, looking right at me
     A            E/G#
Those red letters came alive
  F#m                E
A Sunday sermon on a Friday night 
       D                  A/C#           Bm             Esus
But it   feels like we’ve lost our minds,  wish I could turn back time

         A                    E/G#
What the world needs now is a good old fashioned 
F#m          E
Everlasting, fiery passion
D                    A/C#
Hearts are breaking, souls are shaking
Bm                           Esus
Walking down the aisle cause all we need saving 
A             E/G#
Bible toting, King James quoting 
F#m              E           Em
Truth is spoken, hearts wide open 
D                   A/C#      Bm
Choir still singing just as I am
Like a Billy Graham revival 

[TURN 1]
A  E/G#  F#m  D 

A              E/G#      F#m               E
  Lord, it’s amazing, to see how far we’ve come
D                    A/C#
  But if we’re gonna be the change
         Bm                   Esus
We gotta get back to where we started from 


[TURN 2]
F#m  A  Bm  D  E 


A   E/G#   F#m                            D
               Oh, like a Billy Graham revival
A/C#    Bm              Esus           A 
             Oh, like a Billy Graham revival
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Songwriters: Jonathan Smith, Tom Douglas, Zach Williams

CCLI#: 7185827

Recommended Key: A

Tempo/BPM: 74