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SEU Worship is a group born out of the worship movement on the campus of Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. Their sound reflects pop melodic influences with lyrics inspired by prophetic and timeless themes coming together to create a prophetic-pop identity. The team consists of Dan Rivera, David Ryan Cook, Kenzie Walker, and Sydney Wilson.

Higher Than Mine is the lead single from their new EP, Eden to Eternity. Eden to Eternity was recorded at Southeastern University over the summer of 2018. This release embodies SEU Worship's prophetic voice and pop sensibility.

In 2017, the release of their self-titled SEU Worship (Live)saw the group take a pop-inspired approach to their live worship albums. Shortly after, the Born to Run - EP was released and further explored possibilities in the areas of sound and lyrical creativity. SEU Worship was formed in 2012 and has released four projects prior to their self-titled album.

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